Why We Do IT

Because we've got PASSION for TENNIS - just like you.

Our "5" Points of Passion

Being a player who often gets upset about his own performance, but without hesitation, still says yes when someone asks you to play.

Because it doesn't matter how bad you think you play, you love playing tennis. It is our vision to help you to feel more love for the game every time you play.

We all have an "Inner Voice" telling us at some point to throw away the racket. Believe me, I know that kind of feeling and right now is the time for YOU to change that forever!

Don't we all just want to go out on the tennis court and play the best tennis we can? To play just like the PROs? To be the best version of player we can be?

That's our goal and our commitment - making that possible for you! We'll give you all the knowledge and support you need to make this happen.

Things we don't say:

"Playing slower for more safety is like stepping off the gas to pass someone.“ - The Game Changer In Tennis, eBook

Isn't that right? No one would ever do that. So why should we play slower on offense to play safer? That makes no sense to me.

That was a big pain point in my own tennis. I always wanted to play faster, but every coach stopped me from doing that. Instead of telling me how to get more control in my shots - with topspin and a relaxed arm - they told me to slow down and "control" my arm swing, which led to cramped arm muscles and tennis elbow.

You can be very sure that will never happen to you with us!

Technique should only ever answer a purpose“ - The Game Changer In Tennis, eBook.

That's so important to understand. In the eBook you'll learn to focus on the right things so that you'll get the best results. And you'll get them quickly, without limiting your possibilities.

Every spivo® coach always has that in mind when it comes to coaching.

We love some of the old-school methods, but we've added new, proven techniques to get even faster and better results.

We are always minful of the biomechanics in deciding which method is best for which purpose. That's one of our secrets and a promise for success.

That has always been a major difference between us and our competitors.

That's what I (we) stand for!

Remember: To play like the PROs, you have to let your subconscious mind help you! So you'll win like a CHAMPION!