Unlock purchased content

How to do it?
Go through the 3 steps below.

Three simple Steps

Just click on the image of the QR code or scan it with your smartphone

In order for us to unlock your content for you, we need to be able to associate you. Therefore, please click on the profile icon in the upper left corner and create an account.

At the bottom right of the menu bar you will find the chat icon. Please send us a message with the following content:

1. Your name
2. Title of purchased product
3. Purchase date and where you bought it (ex: Today - Amazon)

After that we will unlock your content as soon as possible and you will receive a short reply via chat. (Average processing time: <24 hours)

❗️Please check the result❗️

... after receiving your activation confirmation via chat, as shown in the image below:

Ready to play!👍🎾