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"We use our ears when we play;

it's not just the eyes," Murray said. "It helps us pick up the speed of the ball, the spin that's on the ball, ...“ - Andy Murray, Interview US OPEN 09-01-2016
What the ?!*k
Grand Slam winners hear how much topspin they play.

This explains the Perfect Mix of Speed & Spin of the PROs. Because no one can see the spin at high speed anymore. Why is this so important? 

Because it solves two of the biggest problems in baseline tennis. Namely ... 


Instead of giving away points to your opponent unnecessarily during a match, play like the PROs. Play perfect TOPSPIN!

High is also aggressive.
#2 Stop Loss of control at high speed!

In order to play aggressive shots into the field with pinpoint accuracy instead of hitting the net or out of bounds, the world's best players use a lot of topspin. That's the ONLY WAY to play really fast & having enough net clearance at the same time!

How is all this possible?


But: The big problem for any tennis player is: especially at high speed, topspin can only be perceived by hearing it ... But even Grand Slam winners needed decades of training to finally hear exactly how much topspin they are playing. To pick out the all-important acoustic information of the topspin, their ears have to go far beyond the usual "pop sound" when hitting.

That's why it has been reserved for only the world's best players.

So in the offense it's often

not your fault!

When balls end up in the net or out of bounds.

The Only

That surpasses the hearing of a PRO! - has now been patented and developed to make this acoustic effect so chrystal clear that everyone can hear how much topspin they are really playing before they hit the ball - right at the moment they are swinging.

hearing of
a PRO!

By making your TOPSPIN AUDIBLE! while playing.
worldwide patented
The solution: spivo®

spivo® is already used successfully by professional athletes worldwide and is currently shaping the future of professional Tennis: e.g. at the Boris Becker International Tennis AcademyEurope's largest and most important project for young tennis players. Here, spivo® has become an essential, irreplaceable part of the work of PROs.

So says the
German Tennis Federation (DTB)

We are pleased to present the German Tennis Federation (DTB)  as a cooperation partner.  

“The benefit of spivo® for tennis is the reason and the basis for our mutual support.  …"

– German Tennis Federation, DTB

That is for you:


Score effortlessly with forehand & backhand because now every shot has perfect topspin.

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Hear exactly how much topspin you're playing already during the swing, even before you hit the ball.

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Play within a few strokes, with perfect topspin equally aggressive & precise. The louder the sound, the heavier the spin.

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Here is what you get:
Designed, Engineered and made in Germany.

It took hundreds of prototypes, a doctor of nuclear physics from Germany - Dr. P. Heil, numerous researchers and tennis PROs to make it possible for you: 

The only shortcut proven to work and to save you years of practicing time. After just the first lesson, all you need to do is to play with it regularly for 5 minutes during warm-ups to keep a lasting training effect within just 10 weeks.

Delivery scope:

spivo® Bundle

spivo® ONE, spivo TWO, bag, carabiner, manual and packaging.

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10-Weeks Training - Online Course Incl. eBook

With exclusive info & exercises from the PROs. A must for every ambitious tennis player who wants to make the step into professional tennis.

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Own Hitting Technique - Video Analysis

Individual potential analysis, with before / after video analysis of your forehand or backhand. (Analysis: power of the kinematic chain, contact point position, grip,...)

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spivo ® | Digital Bundle |
spivo ® | Digital Bundle |
spivo ® | Digital Bundle |
spivo ® | Digital Bundle |
spivo ® | Digital Bundle |
spivo ® | Digital Bundle |
spivo ® | Digital Bundle |
spivo ® | Digital Bundle |

spivo ® | Digital Bundle |

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Your delivery scope:

  • spivo® Bundle: spivo® ONE, spivo® TWO, small bag, snap hook, manual and packaging 

  • Incl. Digitale Products for PRO players:
    spivo® 10-Weeks Training Course
    - which is used by Boris Becker International Tennis Academy. More Power & Spin!,
    spivo® Game Changer eBook
    - which is 100% the concept of the Boris Becker International Tennis Academy & for you to practice,
    spivo® Own Hitting Technique Analysis
    - have your own forehand or backhand analyzed on video. 

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GER | 1-2 Days
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100% Polyoxymethylen (POM) & 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethan (TPU)

Item: spivo® Bundle – black or white; Item number: spi-bun-DE1-bla (black) or spi-bun-DE1-whi (white); Item weight: spivo® ONE : from ≈ 3,98g₁; ₁ Without the second piece, on the other side. Only one cap and the rubber base, which is clamped into the strings; up to ≈ 8,47g; spivo® TWO : from ≈ 3,93g₁ ; ₁ Without the second piece, on the other side. Only one cap and the rubber base, which is clamped into the strings; up to ≈ 8,37g; Due to the weight of spivo® the total weight and the balance of the racket are minimally affected. Spivo® is to be seen as a training aid which does not have to be used permanently. Therefore, get into the game, train with spivo® and continue to play with success even without spivo®. Item size: spivo® ONE: 21mm x ≈ 46,3mm; spivo® TWO : 21mm x ≈ 45,8mm

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